What is Hydro Jet Plumbing?

We get this question a lot. What is Hydro Jet Plumbing?

Hydro Jet plumbing is a highly efficient and effective method of clearing clogged drains and cleaning your sewer lines utilizing a high-pressure water nozzle connected to a high-pressure hose. Check read the following article, which is all about the Common Causes of Clogged Drains, if you’re still curious to learn more about this.

When you find that your toilet, sink, or tub stops flowing it can make for a potentially scary and frustrating day. No one wants to have a sewer clog and determining where the clog is coming from, how it occurred, and finding someone to come fix it is often a daunting task. It may even be an emergency situation if the water will not stop overflowing onto the floor. As a wise homeowner, you know to call a professional service provider for hydro jet plumbing yorba linda to fix your problem. Ideally, you will find a local plumber with the right capabilities and knowledge and they may offer two different solutions, snake your drain lines or use a hydro jet method. You may not know the difference between the two methods but rest assured their differences are vast and we will try and explain that here clearly.

Hydro Jet Plumbing

We’ve already stated that hydro Jet plumbing is a highly efficient and effective method of clearing clogged drains and cleaning your sewer lines. We should also state that it is a somewhat specialized service since not every plumber in your area may have the equipment for this service. The hydro jet plumbing yorba linda service provider will have special equipment, usually on a trailer, containing a water tank, a compressor to generate high water pressure, special hoses and nozzles used to feed into sewer lines, and a camera to inspect the line beforehand. Once fed into the sewer lines, the high-pressure water spray penetrates tough clogs and cleans the inside of your pipes well. Clogs are broken apart into small particles by the high-pressure water and washed down your drain. The method is effective even on roots from plants and trees and can be used in a large variety of pipe types and sizes, including municipal utility lines.

Snake Method

The plumbing snake has been an effective tool used for decades to remove clogs. Of the two, it is the more mechanical in nature as the snake acts as an auger on the end of a rigid cable that spins. Once an obstruction is found, the auger turns and works to drill through the clog and freeing the sewer pipe. Sometimes a part of the clog is removed from the line upon removing the snake but most likely the clog just breaks apart and is left to make its way down through the sewer drain line until it finds a larger pipe. The method has worked for decades yet has several drawbacks when compared to the hydro jet plumbing method. It doesn’t clean the pipe well, it doesn’t break up the obstruction into tiny pieces, and depending on the fixture, a different type of snake will need to be used altogether (toilets need a special type).

Have a Clog? Call an Expert

Hydro jet plumbing is not something that you want to try on your own. It’s really important to inspect the pipes with a camera prior to performing this service. It also takes expertise to effectively use the high-pressure nozzle in a way that doesn’t water jet a hole right through your pipe, creating a bigger problem than your clog was. If you have a clogged plumbing system and are interested in using a HydroJet to clear it, then contact a licensed and trained plumber to perform the job for you. They can inspect the pipe to make sure it’s safe to use, and then do the job effectively.

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