Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are one of the unfortunate headaches of indoor plumbing. You’ve probably dealt with a clogged drain if you own a home or business. While you can’t avoid them entirely, the good news is that you can treat and prevent clogs before they become a significant issue.

As a home or business owner, it’s best to understand what causes clogged drains and the signs of these common plumbing issues. Let’s discuss.

What Causes Drains to Clog?

The most common places we see clogged drains are in bathrooms and kitchens. Dirt, hair, soap scum, skin flakes, and other materials are flushed down your drains, accumulating over time and reducing water flow. Most clogs are a combination of things rather than one single culprit. While your plumbing pipes are strong and dependable, built to withstand frequent use, they can easily be ridden with foreign materials that create a complete blockage.

The most common causes of residential and commercial drain clogs are:

  • Hair
  • Soap Scum
  • Dirt and Other Debris
  • Oil, Grease, and Fat
  • Food Waste
  • Non-Flushable Wipes
  • Accidentally Flushed Objects
  • Feminine Products
  • Cotton Swabs
  • Cat Litter
  • Plants and Leaves
  • Toilet Paper

In some cases, outside forces beyond your control can clog your drains. For example, when pipes shift or tree roots break through your pipe, you can experience significant clogs in your drains. The natural mineral build-up can also stick to your pipes and create blockages.

Watch for These Common Signs of a Clogged Drain

Now that you understand what clogs your drains, it’s essential to know the signs your drain is having issues. As a leading provider of hydro jet drain cleaning Yorba Linda, we see many signs of a blockage in your residential or commercial drain.

Watch for these signs of a clogged drain:

  • If you see or hear your toilet bubbling
  • Water backs up into your sink, bathtub, shower, or other drains
  • Water coming out from the base of your toilet
  • You notice foul-smelling odors coming from your drains
  • There are puddles of water on the floor near any of your bathroom or kitchen appliances
  • Higher than-average water bills
  • Frequent debris coming out of your bathroom or kitchen fixtures
  • A significant change in your water pressure
  • Strange noises coming from your plumbing pipes

If you find you have a clogged drain, the best thing to do is hire a professional for repairs. Our hydro jet drain cleaning Yorba Linda uses high-pressure water to clear your drains and restore your plumbing to its original capacity. If you have a minor clog, you can try using some do-it-yourself methods to clear the blockage. This includes:

  • Running hot water down your drain
  • Using a hanger to remove hair or debris build-up from right below the surface of your drain
  • Pour a mixture of hot water, vinegar, and baking soda down your drain to break up blockages

If none of these simple methods work, it’s best to call a professional. Never snake a plumbing drain on your own since you can create more significant damage to your home or business’s plumbing. Are you still curious to learn more? Still curious to learn more about this? Check out the next post, which is all about How Much Does It Cost To Hydro Jet A Pipe.

Contact a Reliable Plumber for Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning Yorba Linda

When drains become blocked, treating them immediately before more significant plumbing issues arise is crucial. Call our team at YL Hydrojet Plumbing to find fast, effective, and affordable solutions for your clogged drains!

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